21 October 2019

Turkish state started its long-prepared invasion of Rojava (Western Kurdistan) on October 9th 2019. Shamelessly, the invasion was called “Operation Peace Spring.” Naming invasion and war as “peace” is a fraud at its best. The Turkish state is adept at invasions. Previously, the invasion of Northern Cyprus named “Peace Operation” and the invasion of Afrin was named “Olive Branch”.

Those who fight for revolution and socialism are at a significant crossroad once again.

This invasion, which aims to extend the southern borders of the Turkish state as far as possible, is a war waged against the gains of the Kurdish people in Rojava. Even though the war is waged by the ruling party AKP (Justice and Development Party), MHP (Nationalist Movement Party) and their “People’s Alliance,” it protects the interests of the Turkish bourgeoisie as a whole. Proving this right, all political parties of the system unequivocally supported the invasion by the People’s Alliance.

What is going on is an imperialist war for the re-division of Syria. Turkish State, along with Russia and the USA, is one of the main actors of this war. Turkish bourgeoisie and its state want to expand the occupied zone in Syria, parcel out the region, have a seat on the table and get the biggest possible share from the re-division of Syria.

While the state follows an aggressive, invasive and expansionist strategy outside the borders, it promotes chauvinism and increases oppression domestically to prevent a reaction against the war. Opposing and criticizing the war has become a crime. Saying “no war” becomes a ground for custody or arrest. The state wants to silence the opposition to the war within its borders.

We will not remain silent on this invasion. This is not our war. This is not the war of the oppressed, the workers and the toilers. This is a war waged to attend the imperial interests of the Turkish state. We are against this war. We call workers and toilers to oppose this war, in which they have no interest.

War of oppressed against their oppressors, war of workers against bourgeoisie, war of oppressed peoples against colonialism and imperialism are just wars. These are the wars we need to support and defend.

To cover the costs of the invasion strikes, the state will ban actions and mass demonstrations and increase the prices of goods even further on the pretense of “patriotism.”

War of invasion in Rojava will result in new attacks on the workers and toilers of Turkey and Northern Kurdistan.

People’s Alliance, Nation Alliance and all political parties of the system want the left, the workers and the toilers to follow them with war hysteria. They want to poison the masses with chauvinism.

Under these circumstances, the duty of revolutionaries and communists is to oppose the war of invasion, warn the workers, the toilers and the oppressed and organize the struggle against the war.

The duty of revolutionaries/communists in a war waged for imperialist interest is to defend revolutionary defeatism. That is to struggle for the “defeat of one’s own government” and to propagate “turning the war of invasion into a revolutionary civil war.”

We know that wars will continue as long as capitalism/imperialism exists.

We know that we need our war to eradicate the source of wars.

We know that without supporting just wars, one cannot struggle against unjust wars!

We know that the real enemy is not abroad but at home!

We need to organize and fight against the real enemy!

The enemy is the bourgeoisie and its state. They exploit and oppress the workers and the toilers, divide them and pit them against each other based on national and religious identity. The enemy is the state of the bourgeoisie.

We call peoples, workers, toilers, oppressed, revolutionaries and democrats to speak out and struggle against the invasion war waged by the Turkish state in Rojava.