The KöZ statement released in 2007 after the killing of Hrank Dink:

Hrant Dink was killed… Three bullets were squeezed into his neck. Hrant Dink was murdered with a cursed ambush that suits his murderers.

Hrant Dink was an intellectual. The views of Hrant Dink, who argued that reforms stipulated by the European Union were necessary for the brotherhood of Turks, Kurds and Armenians, were not the kind that threatened this order. In fact, we see that views similar to those he defends today are frequently repeated in bourgeois newspapers and televisions.

This is exactly why Hrant Dink was killed. He became a party in a debate among the bourgeoisie. He became a party to the debate between the Europeanists – Americanists, OYAKists- TÜSİADists. He was killed as a result of being a party. There is no need or possibility to know which side killed Hrant Dink.

But it was Armenian Hrant Dink, who belonged to one of the most oppressed minorities, not the huge bourgeoisies who were killed. This is not surprising. When bourgeoisie wants to take a revenge, it always kills people like Hrant Dink, not each other.

Our side is clear in the killing of Hrant Dink:

The murderers of Hrant Dink are our enemies... not because we share Hrant Dink’s views, but because the enemies of Hrant Dink are class enemies of workers and laborers.

Those who kill Hrant Dink are our enemies, but the bourgeois who declare Hrant Dink as friends are not our friends. It is necessary to ask them for an account.

It is not known who really killed or wanted Hrant Dink to be killed, but today Hrant Dink’s funeral is used as part of the campaign by the pro-European parts of the bourgeoisie. This segment of the bourgeoisie is trying to squeeze their opponents on the occasion of the Hrant Dink murder.

We should not be a tool of this campaign. The bourgeois that shed tears behind the funeral of Hrant Dink today are the enemies of workers and laborers.

Because their notebook is black too. It is at least as black as the sections of the bourgeois, accused of fascists and chauvinists today. They are among the murderers of Hasan Ocak, Serkan Eroğlu, Ferhat Tepenler, Namık Tarancı and Metin Göktepe.

Those who declare Hrant Dink a traitor first, and then spill fake tears, come out of them.

They do not hesitate to shed revolutionary blood. The group of murderers who planned the massacres against the revolutionaries on December 19th, also included the guardians of order, who defended the F-Types as a requirement of democracy.

They are supporters of police terrorism in our neighbourhood. They are defenders of the scorpions and panzers, the demolition of the walls of our houses and drowning in the gas bombs of our streets in order to ensure the order.

They are murderers, they are hypocrite…

Hrant Dink felt like a nervous pigeon. He wrote in his last article. He wrote in the same article that “they do not touch pigeons in this country”.

Hrant Dink was wrong. In this country they touch pigeons. The state, the bourgeoisie, the mercenary servants of the bourgeoisie touch the pigeons. Enemies of workers and laborers cannot tolerate even pigeons.

Workers will ask for the account of the murderers of Hrant Dink. By fighting not as a pigeon like Hrant Dink, but by putting this order on the head of the bourgeoisie.

We Will Destroy the Murderer State!
Freedom Will Come with Fighting Workers!
Long live the Union of Communists!