On May 15, 1943, The board of presidents of the Communist International’s Executive Committee decided to dissolve this organization and submitted this resolution to the opinion of the member parties. All the parties which were affiliated to the Communist International approved this liquidation until 22 May in a row.

At the Communist International’s founding congress, it showed its crimson flag as “the only flag to be fought under and died for.” This flag was put aside in 1943. Since that day, there was no other party to carry out the Communist International’s contention and follow through on the fight it started.

So-called supporters of this tradition have been celebrating the establishment and liquidation of the Communist International with the same enthusiasm and passion. They do not see any bizarreness in this dilemma.

KöZ and the communists who are standing behind it, are moving forward by underlining their distinctions between with those who forget the Communist International, those who try to make it forgetten that this world party has been liquidated, and the opportunists who pretend to say the opposite. The revolutionary line, drawn by the Bolshevik separation consciousness imposes this position. The most important guarantee of this march is to keep this consciousness alive.

Advocates of the Communists’ Union are determined to stand apart from those who avoid confronting the reality of the liquidation of the Communist International and those who do not see any harm standing with them. Because a communist world party, an indispensable insturment on the road to the liberation of humanity, can only be established with this strict determination.

Communists of the world unite on the line of establishing the Communist International, not its liquidation!