As communists standing behind Köz, on Thursday, April 28, we placed our May 1 and “Citizenship Right for All Immigrants!” posters in 4 different languages in Taksim Tarlabaşı.
Immigrants are the most oppressed and underprivileged segments of the Turkish working class. They are not responsible for poverty, moral deprivation and violance, the capital is. Throughout history, currents demonized the immigrant workers under the cloak of socialism. Their actual purpose was to cover the sins of the bourgeoisie and make sure the proletariat would be committed to the state. The antidote to class collaboration is to acknowledge all immigrants are our class brothers and defend equal rights for all workers regardless of their background.
The situation is no different today. In order to defend citizenship right to all immigrants, first and foremost, an independent stance must be taken with action in the 2023 presidential election. Köz takes this independent stance and aimed to explicate political facts to the workers during the campaign to support the independent presidential candidate, Çetin Eren. More than 3 months, we wanted support for the indepedent candidate, not the chauvinists NATO supporters and the enemies of immigrants.
We have raised the slogans “No Vote for Bourgeois Alliances in the Presidential Election!” and “Citizenship Right to All Immigrants!” on May 1, which is the international day of unity, solidarity and struggle of the working class.
We say that it is necessary to make immigrants part of a mass mobilization of workers against the government today; not behind bourgeois alliances who are the enemies of the working and oppressed. As communists standing behind Köz, we carried this revolutionary stand to Tarlabaşı with our posters.
Long Live the First of May! Bijî Yek Gulan! Yaşasın 1 Mayıs!
Class War, Not Class Collaboration!
Citizenship Right to All Immigrants!
No Votes for Bourgeois Alliances, Enemy of Immigrants!
Communists from Beşiktaş